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Objectives of this thematic day

Data streams can be considered as infinite time series. This implies specific processing techniques insofar as the decision-making is generally decided on the basis of partial information, likely to evolve over time (concept drift), taking into account a history that is difficult to delimit, that can be moreover multi-scale depending on the nature of the temporal dependencies that characterize the processes generating the data. Analogies and divergences therefore characterize the two disciplinary fields that cover the processing of data flows and time series.

The objective of this day is to bring together researchers (experienced and PhD students) to make a situation overview on the convergences and divergences for this two research fields by trying to identify some common challenges. The percolation of ideas between the two disciplinary fields that will result from this day may bring closer together researchers or even lead to innovative and relevant research projects contributing to the current dynamics developed around AI and (big) data sciences.


Organizationof the day

The workshop is freeaccess but requires registration before the 5/09/19 (Registration tab).

This day is organized around four guest lectures that will partly cover the open questions mentioned above. A poster session will come during break periods to illustrate and complete his presentations.



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